easyPickII Library

Getting started using the easyPickII library and seems like I’m missing the helper files. Anyone able to provide the library with the helper files?


I’m not able to post these libraries as they are part of a specific configuration we sell. Please message me separately so we can coordinate with your local support team to set you up with what’s needed.

Thank you!


This sounds interesting, can we get a summary of what this library does? It may have some applications for my team

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@Kastronaut - easyPick is an automated colony picking and imaging solution integrated into the STAR (and soon VANTAGE) platform. The system functions with an additional imaging channel and light table which can be upgraded to existing systems or configured with new ones. More information can be found in the post below, which also includes a link to an application note.


With easyPick comes a suite of software, drivers and VENUS libraries that facilitate it’s use for colony picking and imaging based applications and protocols. Let me know if you have any specific questions or would like more information. This is one of my absolute favorite products, and have used it extensively over the years for a variety of diverse applications!




Hey @NickHealy_Hamilton - I’ve followed all instructions RE camera positioning over the light table, yet I still can’t get the entire SBS nest of the light table in the view of the camera at the max z height of the camera. Not sure if I’m missing something here. Thought image stitching was only required for the XL light table. Will I need to image stitch or is this something service should address?

Hi Austin,

Would you mind sharing an image of the camera view when positioned over the light table?

Could you also post an image of the lens mounted to the camera?

If I am not able to provide a concrete solution over the forum, this is something that your local applications team would look into. Image stitching is not going to be needed for the SBS light table, and only functions using special reference points milled into the XL light table.

In the meantime, if you can post the requested images I will advise accordingly. Thanks.


Field of view at z max of sbs agar plate

Images of lens

Hi Austin,

It looks like a different lens was shipped by mistake. That looks like the lens used for easyBlood, which has a different focal length and different range of field of view for the camera channel working distance.

If you can DM me your serial number and email, we can get this situated. Thanks.