Echo 655 acoustic plates

Are there any alternative options for acoustic plates besides Beckman’s Echo plates? Any insights on other products in the market would be greatly appreciated.

Greiner Echo384PP_781201

Thank you! Have you actually used them and how do they compare? They do not seem to advertise them as echo plates.

Probably because they can’t. Years ago (and probably still today) Greiner was the OEM for the Echo plates. They just put a “Labcyte” stamp on the 781201 instead of Greiner. Maybe it’s a “Beckman” stamp now? I dunno. Anyways, they had a contract with Labcyte to make all their plates so they couldn’t advertise the same plates for non-compete reasons, but they did sell them if you just asked the sales reps nicely. 15 years ago they had 4 molds for the 781201 plates, but only 2 would work on Echos, pretty sure it was mold 1 and 2. In the bottom left corner of the plate there’s a very small number with the mold number. For use on Echos they also packaged them in anti-static bags instead of normal bags.

We used to buy them directly from Greiner by the pallet, use with confidence.

Looks like it’s these on the Greiner website:


We use the Greiner plates in our labs and they work with the Echo 550, Echo 555, and our Echo 655. From my understanding they are “Echo-certified”. Although for the LDV we still purchase them from Beckman, the “standard” 384 that jnecr, is what we use for “large volume” sources.

I see, we currently use mostly the 384 LDV LP-200 as source plates. I wonder if this is the comparable Greiner for that:

I’d ask a Greiner sales person to be certain. We only ever purchased the higher volume plates I linked above from Greiner. The only other plates we used on our Echos were the diamond well LDV plates with interstitial wells. They were pricey and somewhat difficult to work with, but the low dead volume was great for certain tasks. We purchased directly from Labcyte, although, I’m sure Greiner made those too.

Hi @josequiroz,

I came across this thread and wanted to offer an alternative solution: pressure-based non-contact dispensing. DISPENDIX’s dispense plates couple with their liquid handler to offer a similar liquid handling solution to the Echo, but is faster, cheaper, and more accurate.

Check out these links in case it might be helpful!

:sparkle: More info about our dispense plates: DISPENDIX Source Plates: The Key To Precise Dispensing
:sparkle: More info about the I.DOT Liquid Handler: I.DOT Non Contact Dispenser


thanks Nilale I am familiar with the! It is something we may explore in the future.

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