Echo Transfer Errors

Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone has run into errors during automatic survey prior to transferring from a source plate where the Echo thinks the source well is empty?

The specific error I’m getting is “MM0202007: Problem calc. well fluid volume fc: 0 ft: 0”

This error was encountered during a transfer in a number of seemingly random source wells. Further, when it was attempted to use the exceptions report from the first transfer attempt to resolve the failed transfers, the Echo surveyed the plate a second time and encountered the same error in the same wells, resulting in no transfers occurring during the second run.

Prior to running the transfers mentioned above, the input plate was also surveyed manually by the user. The pre-transfer manual survey results also indicated that there was no volume present in the questionable wells in the input plate.

The wells in question are confirmed to have had the minimum working volume of 20uL present prior to transfer. It seems strange that the automatic plate survey on two separate subsequent occasions reported that the wells in question were empty.

Has anyone else run into reoccurring issues like this with their Echo? Are there any conditions under which we might see this behavior?

Thanks in advance!

What model Echo? What plate type? What liquid type (DMSO, aqueous, etc)? I assume no bubbles in the wells as you visually inspected them, but had the plate been centrifuged prior to survey/dispense?

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To update this issue, internally we were able to determine that our picklist was actually inaccurate and physical representation of the plate was incorrect! Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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I’ve been there before! Good luck!