Ejecting/sorting tips using Span-8

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I was wondering if anyone has experience using this jig from DCMBIO (see Youtube video: How to re-use liquid handler pipette tips - YouTube) to eject tips back into tip boxes, or if you have build something similar yourself? Also, I am wondering how this functionality is implemented in the method. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

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This is really interesting - I’d also love to hear more info about this. I’ve only been learning the software for about 7 days now, but tip ejection by the 8span to anywhere other than trash seemed to be a completely missing feature. Being able to build-a-box for 96ch or just re-use tips as mentioned in the video would be a huge improvement.

Although I don’t know exactly how it’s working I’d assume there’s no build in way to accomplish this. So this has to be done with scripting. Since there’s no documentation on the Beckman scripting stuff you’d have to rely on DCMBIO for the solution.
If I’d have to guess it’s probably a hardcoded move to the respective tipbox relative to the missing tips and then a shuck movement at the correct height. Since there is no resistance for the probes to perform the shuck, the addition piece of equipment is needed.

€: Since all probes have to be in line to perform the move there’s no real possibility of sorting the tips other than in row / column pattern. Therefore I’d guess it’s easier to simply do the sorting with a 96-well head when available.

Thanks for your input Dominik. I was going to use the multi-channel head for resorting tips, but there are some other problems on our system using it for tip sorting (for example, there is not trash for the multichannel head). I tried contacting DCMBIO without success - maybe they will answer one day. I will try to script some stuff and will post it here as well.

I’ve known Dave May (the DCM in DMC Bio) for a long time. He’s a good guy. Did you try to contact them through their website?

It’s also possible that they don’t make this adapter anymore. DCM is mostly an instrument maintenance (preventative and otherwise) company. He’s also moved some equipment for us from one site to another at a fraction of the cost of going with the OEM.

The only email I have is for Jeff who is the operations director. Try shooting him an email: jeff.griffin [at] dcmbio [dot] com

If you are still interested, feel free to reach out to DCM BioServices at service@dcmbio.com


You can use only one empty tip box. Example vedio link: