EVOware logfile firmware commands guide

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I work with the Freedom EVO platform and our primary liquid handlers consist of single and dual arm (mostly 8span) instruments. I’ve done troubleshooting and support on these instruments for the last year. I’ve noticed that neither the evoware software manual, nor the s&s service manual contain detailed information about how to read the firmware commands within the evoware logfiles.

If it exists and if possible, could someone please share a guide or manual on how to read the firmware commands within the evoware logfiles?



Each device has it’s own command set
I can upload files - which devices do you have ?

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By device, do you mean the arm configuration? If so, we have EVO Freedom instruments with the following arm configs: MCA96, LiHa (Fixed & DiTi), as well as instruments that contain a RoMa arm. Let me know if I’m misunderstanding what you mean by devices.

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Uploading the firmware commands (or at least the useful ones) to the wiki would be a great addition.


I’ve got instruments with the following configs: MCA96, LiHa (fixed and ditis), and a few instruments with MCA96+RoMa

You might try reaching out to your FAE if no one here picks up the torch or has the documents. The FSE will have access to those references.