Export/backup all methods in Venus

Is there a easy/best practice way to backup all methods from Venus? Our workstation running Venus needs to be reimaged. I’m familiar with the procedure to export individual methods but in this case exporting each individually will be a tedious process. Would it suffice to just make a copy of the Hamilton folder?


In my past I have seen a mass export tool that backs up all methods in a folder to the .pkg package format for import elsewhere. Maybe @EricSindelar_Hamilton or @BrandonBare_Hamilton could share an updated version of that macro if it’s still being maintained?


See this link for the mass backup tool that I believe @Brad is referring to. It’s not an official tool, but you might find it useful.

VENUS 6 includes functionality to mass export and import pkg files along with groups and shortcuts that you set up in the new UI.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing this.

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