File types and preview in the Load and Match PS

So I am having problems with the Load and Match-power step. The Programmer’s Manual’s version of this step seems to be outdated, at least the screenshots look different?

Anyhooow, does it matter where the source file for the step is situated? I can’t get the preview to show no matter where I put the file, and I have also tried different formats (.csv,.xlsx and .xls). Where does Venus pick the “sheet:” -file name from and what does it even allude to? Now it just gives me the same file name as a default that it picked from some earlier try?

I must admit that I am getting close to the point of thinking “Why, God, why can’t any of this be just a little more intuitive?”… which is maybe a discussion for another thread :smiling_face_with_tear:


Ah, I accidentally deleted the post :neutral_face:
Well now it’s back.

And overall I have suddenly lost file-reading functionality that still worked ok yesterday. I even re-installed Venus but it didn’t help. Like loops that iterate over a file, the script doesn’t even enter those loops anymore, and as a result the arrays inside the loop don’t get populated. This is mysterious.

Can you please provide a copy of the file you’re using so we can help troubleshoot? You can upload it here. Password is: Hamilton23

The sheet name refers to the sheets in the *.xls or *.xlsx workbook file. Your file could contain Sheet1, Sheet2, etc. so it needs to be specified. Also, ensure that the sheet name ends in a $ to open the entire sheet as detailed in the html help for the File: Open step - see excerpt below.

Hi and thanks for your reply @EricSindelar_Hamilton

I added the $-sign but that didn’t seem to solve it. The files are now uploaded under the link you provided.

Sorry, I should have provided more clarification - can you provide the worklist input file you’re trying to use?

Does the workbook include a sheet name of inputfile that is set in your File:Open command? This name should correspond to the sheets in the workbook such as below:


To read from Sheet1 you would put “Sheet1$” in the Sheet name parameter input:


Now it works. Thanks so much, Eric! I don’t know why it got so complicated for my brain :slight_smile:

An additional question: I still can’t understand why I can get the file preview at times and most often not? What affects this functionality? I suspect it has something to do with the way the input files are formatted, and possibly with the fact that I am forced to transfer files between iOS and Windows.

Another question: what is the way to tell Venus to look for the Header Row of the input file from some other place than the first row?

Thanks again!

I haven’t run into issues before with the file preview, but I have exclusively worked with Windows setups. It does require that you have a link to the specific file for the initial setup (not a variable input) and if the workbook contains multiple sheets, then the preview will initially be blank, so you have to select the specified sheet from the drop-down to get the preview.


If you could provide some example files that you had issues with, we could look into it further.

As for the header, you have some options to use the File: Set Position function to skip over rows before starting to read the file. You can also treat it as a file with no headers and specify each column as 1, 2, 3, etc. More information can be found in the html help for the File: Open command.


Thanks again. After all this I actually got my first full normalization from file- protocol working, complete with a barcode check so I am feeling like I can do anything :grin: