Firmware issues on Venus 3+service software when upgrading to CO-RE II

Hi folks, we’ve got a few STARs and STARlets not under contract, but our in-house service team has gotten the Hamilton service training in general and for the CO-RE II upgrade specifically. We’ve had two successful upgrades on STARlets running Venus 4/win10, but when trying to upgrade a STAR on venus 3/win7 today they hit a snag—they’ve tried all of the versions of firmware made available to them from Hamilton, but they get an error message whenever they attempt to run the new service software. I’ll try to get a screenshot from them but do not have one handy.

This particular case may be a non-issue in that they’re swapping out the PC attached to the instrument with one from this century, but in the event that this comes up on other instruments, figured it would be worth asking. Thanks!

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Screenshot of the error will be very helpful.

Just curious why you decided to perform this upgrade on your systems. What new benefits are expected from this?

Thank you!