Gantry lights

Hi all, I am working with some third-hand STARlets we inherited and am a VENUS/STAR noob. I see there are two rows of LED lights attached on the underside of the 8-span gantry, but I can’t figure out a way to turn them on. Is this something easy to do that I’m missing?

Bonus: Is this possible in PyLabRobot at the moment? (I’ll ask in the appropriate forum later if necessary)

The blue LED lights under the pipetting arm are not controllable in VENUS. So, if they aren’t on, then the cable may be disconnected from the internal board of the system or they may have burnt out. It’s likely the former though - I have known a few customers who requested they be disabled.

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Gotcha, thanks @EricSindelar_Hamilton. These are quite old systems (2005 and 2010) so being burnt out might also be a possibility, but I’ll see if I can trace the hookups.