GEMINI Worklists?

Hey Friends, have any of you used the GEMINI worklist before? I randomly stumbled on it in the help section and it seems like it would solve my worklist issues, but I haven’t been able to find any usage examples or other documentation.

You have uncovered quite a relic! So that functionality was to allow importing of old Tecan Gemini *.gwl worklist files into VENUS. We had some customers back in the day that had processes already in place to create those files so a solution was developed to handle them as is.

If you’re not working with *.gwl files then I don’t see much practical use for it. Let us know what your worklist issues are so we can potentially find another solution!

Thanks Eric! Its always fun to explore some Ancient Wisdom. Im specifically looking for a worklist file compatible with the easyBlood demo method that I am attempting to modify - another arcane relic XD

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That’s actually pretty cool.

Does this mean that you could have roughly built the same workflow from the same execution worklist in the past?

Right, so in general, this functionality was typically reserved for former Tecan customers who did not want to institute a new worklist format so there would be no change to their process other than the instrumentation. From my records back in 2006(!), there was apparently some additional programming in Vector that was needed. The gwl files had unique formatting from what I recall…

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I don’t recall the easyBlood demo methods requiring a worklist or are you looking to modify the methods to utilize a worklist?

yes, Im modifying the method to incorporate a worklist. EasyBlood is a bit of a beast!