Getting Started in Lab Automation

There’s probably a bunch of people out there who are interested in lab automation or just started a new job and are looking for resources. Let’s put together a thread of resources, links, documents, and training materials that a beginner would need to hit the ground running.

Resources posted here will get added to a category in this post, which can stay pinned at the front page of the forums.

I’ll start:

Open-Source Robotics


Just started a python bootcamp this is exactly what I needed! ty

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What bootcamp are you doing/how long is it? Was it a good experience?

Just saw this post, and I think there’s a big need for this. I work with a ton of people who have never considered lab automation before, much less used it, so I’m trying to get some resources to help make it more accessible.

Shameless self-promotion here, I’m running a webinar this Thursday that is breaking down basic automation terms/acronyms in an Automation 101 style to have as a resource for labs, so that’ll be my starting point (it will be available on demand).

Want to get more in depth resources I can share though, so please share what resources you use for your teams!


That sounds super helpful,

I am trying to start a wiki for these purposes too. Hopefully I can get it spun up soon.