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I recently received GBG beginner and intermediate training and the topic came up about messaging errors or completed runs to our email accounts. I work at a hospital and I have run into issues getting access to the hospital email for GBG to use to message me. Somebody in the training suggested GBG can send a post to Slack. I am a trained biologist. I would love to hear from anyone who might know how to get GBG to send messages to our lab Slack group.

Any advice would be helpful.

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Do you or anyone on your team know how to program or write code? I have never used GBG, but I understand it has an excellent scripting engine, and you could write your script to post a message to slack using webhooks:

If its not baked into GBG as a feature they probably have example scripts that they can give you…maybe @DerekDulek can help :slight_smile:

I actually sent the guys a Biosero a feature request for things like Slack or MS Teams integration. Even a simple emailing integration within a swimlane would’ve been nice for conditional messaging. The way how their emailing system works is a bit clunky. I would imagine the current way to do it is as Pete how described. Write a script that ties into a 3rd party’s webhook. But that involves some scripting knowledge.

I think that’s a good start. I don’t have scripting knowledge, but I can find people nearby who should be able to help with that. If we get something working I’ll be sure to post it in this forum so others can use the same thing.

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Would definitely love to see this work in action. Let us know if you got something to work. I’d jump into it, but it’s the lowest priority for me. @DerekDulek, you might want to shoot this idea to your team about having a “marketplace” in GBG for community-built features. Leveraging your customers to build sharable tools and features can be a great way to grow GBG without dedicating too much of your own engineers times.

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Great stuff happening in this chat. We do have emailing capability built into GBG, below you would need to conifugre the email address under Settings/Program. However, if your IT will not allow security access for this to work it likely will not work. If using the native emailing function, you can have it default to email on error, or you can build the emailing function into a custom procedure that is kicked off after certain events (run start, error, run complete, etc.). There is an existing command for “send email” within the advance tab that can be dropped into any existing or custom procedures.

@clarkcchmc I have not personally implemented a script to update slack or MS teams but let me see what I can dig up for you. Thank you @Pete for tagging me in this post.

@ehung At Biosero we love when our customers collaborate and develop their own tools. At present time we are focusing our efforts on gathering internal knowledge and making that information more available to our DIY customers. This would include things like more example scripts that customers could modify to meet their needs. To be honest I see this forum partially meeting the need of a mechanism to share community-built features and ping ideas off each other.


I am not sure about your hospital infrastructure but I want to add that writing a script to utilize a webhook for Google’s chat is super easy.

I also wonder if you can utilize something like IFTTT to trigger a call.


This would be a nice feature - far better than the clunky email system .

Interesting that you are collecting knowledge of this kind of thing internally - it would be nice if you would share that somewhere, so all GBG users would have access to the various solutions that people have found.