Green Button Go Scheduler

Topic to discuss any questions about Biosero Green Button Go Scheduler software.

Is the training for GBG remote these days?

Hi @luisvillaautomata,
We have both in-person and remote options. We have basic, intermediate, and a driver development courses. The driver development course teaches people who to tie into our API for devices and plugins.



The last time we saw an ad for remote training, you went to the link and it was only the in person ones.
So do tell remote training for those of us in the EU??

Yeah here is the schedule for the San Diego. As of now not sure they can shift the time, but I can ask they would be willing to do a shift in time to support the UK.

11/30 - Intro San Diego

12/01 - 12/2 Intermediate San Diego

12/14 - Intro Virtual

12/15 - 12/16 Intermediate Virtual

1/9 - Intro Virtual

1/10 - 1/11 - Intermediate Virtual

2/1 - Intro San Diego

2/2 - 2/3 - Intermediate San Diego

2/15 - Intro Virtual

2/16 - 2/17 - Intermediate Virtual

@DerekDulek in your experience, is in person better than remote?

I always feel that an in-person training will offer fringe benefits over virtual training. There are several benefits including seeing our San Diego facility, meeting additional people while onsite, and as I have several inches of snow outside my window right now it can often get people a reason to get to San Diego. However, I think you will walk away with the same knowledge weather virtual or in-person in regard to programming GBG.

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@Gordonsl I talked with our trainer, and he has scheduled trainings for the EU folks to start at 5:00am PST. Let us know how else we can help.

Hi All,

I was wondering if there was any updated documentation for GBG Scheduler, plugins, and driver developers? I’ve taken the driver training (a few years ago by now) and I wanted to make sure I’m still using best practices.

The burning question I have right now is what the use case, features and limitations of a process trigger. I was hoping some documentation could help.


Just curious, is there now a training for Orchestrator?

@luisvillaautomata we currently do not have a formal training course on orchestrator. As you can imagine, these projects are huge initiatives, we have not seen a huge push for DIY type applications but can see if we have a training program on the horizon for it.