Gripper Labware File

Hi all,
we’ve purchased a used Starlet a while back and I never had the need to use the CoRe-Grippers on this unit until now. However there are not only the standard plate grippers but something I would identify as tube grippers, too. Maybe someone here knows of the correct labware file for this. Please see attached photo.

Can you take a picture of the actual gripper itself? I don’t recognize the mounting hardware, but the size of the grippers makes it look like a framed tip wafer gripper for use with stacked framed tips. Since we moved to nested tip racks (NTRs), this is not commonly seen or used anymore.




Hi Eric, thank you for your assistance. It looks similar. Not sure if I have application for these grippers. My main issue is, that the position of the standard Core-grippers here is not as in the standard configuration and thus I cannot use them presently.

Hi Florian,

From the original photo, it looks like your standard CO-RE plate grips are in the “COREGripTool AtWaste 1000uL” position. You could also start with this in your layout file and teach the first position with the teaching needles until the CO-RE grip holder is in the right place.

Hope that makes sense!


Hi Claire,
thank you. I have found the fitting labware in the meantime. It is called DX Gripper small and large and they are two separate labwares. But from the look of it, the AtWaste version may fit as well. I was too blind to recognize that.
Have a great weekend!