Hamilton Nimbus Calibration Off or Misaligned?

Hello all,

First time posting to this forum and also pretty new to the Hamilton Venus software… but I have a Hamilton Nimbus in our lab and trying to run a basic hit pick method. It works great in the simulation mode but when it gets to the actual instrument run, the channels aren’t aligned and the fourth channel comes down outside of the tip box. I opened the Calibration application and run the Check Channel Calibration, which told me a re-calibration is recommended. So I calibrated the LLD and Z. Is there a way to calibrate the X and Y? Or a way to teach the liquid handler where the tip box is so it can pick up tips from all four channels?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about the issue, but I wouldn’t suspect this to be a calibration issue at first. It may be more related to your deck layout. If you could provide the system serial number, an export of the method, and a trace file from a run where the 4th channel couldn’t pick up a tip, that would help with troubleshooting further.

You can upload files to this shared folder. Password is Hamilton23.

Thank you for the response! It’s good to be here. We’re hoping to accomplish some cool things with our liquid handler. The serial number is NMBSDG1650

I uploaded the files into the temp folder. The method is a copy of the example method in the Venus Programmers Guide. In the example trace file I sent, three channels were off on the run this time.

Appreciate your help!

The deck layout defined in your method is for a 3 x 4 deck (below), but it appears you have a 2 x 4 Shift and Scan deck.


To change it, you can go to the System Configuration Editor:


Go to the Deck Configuration:

Select the 2 x 4 Shift and Scan option and select OK and then Save and exit the configuration editor.

Your deck layout will then need to be modified to snap the pedestals back into place.



This is amazing, thank you so much Eric! That fixed our issue and we’re running methods without any issues now.