Hamilton STAR custom HEPA

Has anyone added their own HEPA to a STAR? We have some clean rooms HEPA Filter we would like to add to our star. There some thin vertical supports holding up the top panel and I was wondering if this would be enough to hold up a 40-50 lbs filter.

Hi Silvioo,
This is probably a better fit for the larger Hamilton topic–this one is just for the Prep, since it’s a very different platform/software. :slight_smile: (Hamilton (Venus) - Lab Automation Forums)

But I believe you can get a Star with a HEPA cap on it. @NickHealy_Hamilton /@BrandonBare_Hamilton /@EricSindelar_Hamilton can one of you confirm?

I moved this thread to the general Hamilton category.

Yes, there are standard HEPA solutions for the larger Hamilton robotics platforms. Our latest iteration is the Clean Air Protection or CAP series for NIMBUS, STAR, and VANTAGE.

I believe Silvioo is asking for guidance on using those specific filters though which we can’t really comment on without going through a custom solutions process.