Hamilton Starlet

Can anybody in here help me create a simple dilute and shoot method for ML starlet?

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Welcome to the forum! What challenges are you running into specifically?

Nothing specifically, I just purchase a new ML Starlet and looking to work with an experince person to program the system. Nothing sophicated, just a couple pipetting steps from test tube to DWP.

Typically with new system sales at Hamilton, we include some method programming time to help get our customers started. Even a simple dilute and shoot method could have complexity depending on one’s needs (worklisting, barcoding, etc.) and the VENUS software offers a lot of functionality for our customers to take advantage of.

In terms of resources for developing methods on your own, see below:

Hamilton also offers method development services post-system sale and I know there are several third-party services that do the same and are active on this forum.

Let us know how we can best assist or DM me if you need help arranging for any onsite support!


@LabRx Try to be a little more specific with the thread title next time :joy: For instance if you named it “Hiring Liquid-Handling Consultant $$” you might get more clicks.


I’ve only done the trainings in NC and it was awesome. Also start every morning with Bojangles!


Hi, we do liquid handler instrument scripting for Hamilton STAR instruments (and several other platforms). Please email me directly at mike.mueller@nucleus-automation.com or call my cell at 254-423-6771.

Thank you,
Mike Mueller
Nucleus Automation Partners LLC