Hamilton Verso - anyone have experiences to share?

My company recently went ahead with the purchase of a Verso Q75 system (an automated freezer for those not familiar with them). If you have any experience with these systems I’d be interested to hear your thoughts/experiences. I am going to be in charge of testing the unit and eventually getting it talking to our LIMS system, any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t have direct experience, but the compound management group I work with just finished installing 2 Q20 systems and integrating them with our instance of Mosaic. If you’re interested, I can probably make the connection so you can talk to them. From what I have heard, they seem to be working pretty well and I don’t think the integration with Mosaic was that difficult.

Hello, if I could hear more about their experience I would really appreciate it! We are going to be using the system for compound management as well. Thank you!