Help with a capacitive liquid level detector


Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum, I wasn’t sure exactly which section it would fit best in to. I’ve been trying to install a gravity waste trough for a Microlab Star, I believe the part number is 92581-01 but I might be wrong. The trough itself has been set up, but I’m having difficulty with the capacitive liquid level detector. The detector itself is a non-contact one which is already set up on the side of the trough, leading out to a short six-pin connector. I was also supplied with a cable that turns that into a different form (picture of cable attached). However, I can’t find anywhere that the second form would plug into - either on the computer or the star. Do I need some sort of adaptor, am I just not spotting the correct port, is it a wireless module?

In addition, once the sensor is physically linked, how do I access and take readings from it within Venus?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Tarun,
The sensor that comes on the carboy for the gravity waste is not used. The field teams are instructed to remove them during installation. If you need to get in touch with your local support team, please feel free to message me!
Thank you,

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your help, thats good to know. Does that mean I just keep an eye on the level manually instead? We have someone coming relatively soon anyway for other deck installations, so provided its not urgent that it be removed then I’ll just wait until then.

Best Wishes


Have read the gravity waste sensor but only by connecting through the PCB that’s part of Liquid and Tip Waste System 54698-01.