HighRes PC hostname/user changes

Hey all, hope everyone is having a great Autumn so far! I work in lab IT and will be implementing some hostname, domain, and user changes on the PCs connected to our HighRes systems. I wanted to ask if anyone has had experience doing this, as I was warned that there are multiple files involved that would need to be updated with the new names, but I was never given a list or even shown which files.

Let me know if this kind of question isn’t allowed or if you have any suggestions as to how to proceed. I want to make sure to minimize any disruption, so the more info I can get the better.

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This question is absolutely allowed and is exactly what the forum is for. I’m not personally familiar with any HighRes software but I bet someone else will be able to help you out here.

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I recommend reaching out to their support team regarding this.

You’ll likely need to update tnsnames.ora and listener.ora (in all locations within the oracle install) to reflect the new PC name. Restart the PC afterwards