How to reset a PlateLoc in an error state?

Whenever we have any fluctuation in our house CDA, the first seal on the PlateLoc always goes into an Error. This usually requires a human to either tap the touchscreen to get out of the error state, then re-initialize the PlateLoc, or to just powercycle the Plateloc.

My plan is to just attach a wifi enabled switch so I can remotely powercycle the Plateloc. But I was wondering if the serial interface allows a more graceful way to exit from the error message and regain control of the device.

For context, the device is in a sterile enclosure and inconvenient to reach.

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@ajay You can reinitialize through the serial port using VWorks. Can you provide error message that is showing?

The Plateloc is configured through a third party driver written in C#, it doesn’t use VWorks. I’m wondering if I could just write a python script that could connect and send a command to get it out of this state. Here is the error:

Having worked with the PlateLoc in the past I don’t think the ActiveX control exposes a method to reset/clear an error. The user guide has a section at the end which describes the ActiveX methods: PlateLoc Sealer User Guide (

It’s possible there is a serial command that can perform a reset, but these commands aren’t documented!

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@ajay You can try sending the Initialize command in C#. It is outlined in the guide that @andrewjmash provided to see if it will get out of that state?

With all due respect why not address the CDA issue? A small reservoir in the CDA line would help to modulate some fluctuations you’re experiencing. It might be an easier solution to roll-out than a remote/ networking tool.

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Thanks for the suggestions, the CDA issue is definitely being addresses and a reservoirs exists already, but unfortunately certain things aren’t really in my control. The wifi switch is pretty simple to do and lets me manage the things I can though.