How to use trashbin in PyLabRobot code

Hey All
I am trying to learn PyLabRobot(PLR), by converting some of my old Opentrons(OT) code.
I would like to trough out tips into the trash, in OT’s API i just write pipet.drop_tips() and the default will be the trash.
As PLR code for setting the tips back is:
await lh.drop_tips(tiprack[“A1:C1”])
Then i would assume that the correct code in PLR would be something like:
await lh.drop_tips(Trash)

How do i through out tips in PLR?

I hope i have given enough context this is the first time i post something :slight_smile:

There’s a convenience method: lh.discard_tips() will throw all mounted tips in the trash. A snippet from the implementation of discard_tips:

trash = self.deck.get_trash_area()
offsets = trash.get_2d_center_offsets(n=n)

return await self.drop_tips(

Thanks that solved the problem.

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