Humidity and temperature sensors

Hey all,

Been wanting to add humidity and temperature data logging to my methods for a while. @luisvillaautomata had some good insights in another thread and had recommended SensorTile and the .BlueSTSDK_Python library

Anyone have favorite (combined or otherwise) temperature and humidity sensors? I was probably going to grab some stuff and build a few prototypes early next year.

Happy to talk any sort of sensors as well. Suggestions on platforms, actual sensors, or code for running them would be great!


At an old job I saw SenseAnywhere/Massey have some really cool sensors. They are bigger than the SensorTile (a little box that fits in the palm of your hand), but they had a TON of data they could capture.

One group I was partnering with was looking at using them to generate temperature data, but also to measure physical impacts that occurred while shipping the monitored sample, potentially detecting vibration state changes, etc.

I left before that project finished, so I’m not sure if they got it to pull all of that info or not, but the Massey guys seemed pretty confident they’d be able to get it to work!

Those look pretty cool! They remind me of Elemental Machines which we’ve used before for general monitoring of lab conditions and fridges.

I was under the impression that @mnewsom wanted something integrated into the same PC or software as his systems. Is that right? Depending on the software I assume the idea is to run an .EXE that returns a value at that given moment for logging purposes and/or to determine process workflow conditions.

Ah–I hadn’t read the original thread, so it may have been a different level of integration into that system that he wanted.

The Elemental Machines look pretty cool too!

@luisvillaautomata hit the nail on the head. However, I’m happy to talk any sensing here even if they’re not directly related to my application.

I’ve had elemental sensors on fridges at a previous gig. SenseAnywhere looks like a great option for remote sensing too, the idea of tagging them on a shipment is super cool.

For my application, I’m just looking to initially learn more about the range of humidity values the lab experiences and if we can correlate those data with variations in performance of assays being run. Low hanging fruit to collect the information in the short term.

Happy to also hear about any limitations for common humidity sensors, tradeoffs, or any other insights!

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We use iMonnit and Koolzone sensors. Both have abilities to monitor temp and humidity in the cloud.

Very handy to check how it impacts liquid handling.

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