HydroFlex washer for 384 well plates

Hi all! We have a HydroFlex washer we use for 96 well plates, but we want to try to use it for 384 well plates. Tecan says it wouldn’t work and that we need the HydroSpeed plate washer instead. But I’m wondering if anyone here has made it work with the HydroFlex or thinks it can work. Thanks for any insight!

@jahmoo I think the advice is right the Hydroflex does on have an x or y-motor (plate orientation depended) to offset the wells for a 384 plate and this is something only on the Hyrdospeed plus is faster with the 96 pin head rather than the 8 pin. If you are engineering minded then you could 3D print a base that you can manual move in x or y-axis or build in a way to shift the plate position in between cycles but you are looking a project that will need some heavy testing and alignment adjusting. So not sure if it is worth it. I am also not sure if the dispense and vacuum pins are spaced for a smaller 384 well size as the Hydroflex was built with 96 well plates in mind.