Import/Export config for Hamilton Venus

It’s been a while since I last exported configs on my Hamilton. But how do you export everything? Containers, racks, carriers, liquid classes - all of it. And then import this into a new Hamilton?

Tecan has this Import/Export software which does it quite easily. But I forgot where to find this or something similar in the Hamilton.

When you export a method, Venus will include all liquidclasses, labwares, and libraries that are part of your method but NOT original Hamilton components that came with the install. To grab everything including original Hamilton files, check this box when exporting.

Likewise if you want to override original Hamilton files when you import, check this box.

Liquid classes can be tricky, if you want to make sure that they override liquid classes of the same name I usually delete them from the target machine prior to importing the package.


Just to add to what Kyle shared, here is a Quick Guide for Importing/Exporting Methods that walks you through the basic steps.

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Fantastic thanks for the quick response @EricSindelar_Hamilton and @KyleCook_GeNovu

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for this. I have question about one of the import options.

What exactly does “Import into Subdirectories of Default Directories” do?

For example, I assume that library files would be imported under something like HAMILTON\Libraries\<METHOD_NAME>.

However, what about liquid classes? These are integrated into the HAMILTON\Config\MLSTAR_LiquidClasses.mdb file. Will there be a subdirectory containing HAMILTON\Config\<METHOD_NAME>\MLSTAR_LiquidClasses.mdb? Or will the liquid classes be imported into HAMILTON\Config\MLSTAR_LiquidClasses.mdb?