Inheco MTC Hamilton Integration Problem

Hi everyone,

For context, we have a second hand MicroLab Star Plus instrument that came with a Inheco Multi TEC Control (MTC) unit and the modules are stationary hot/cold plates. The unit works fine on its own but we would like to have it integrated with the Star Plus so we don’t have to manually turn on/off or change the temperature during runs.

It appears that the computer has the Hamilton Driver for the Inheco MTEC Controller.

I installed it and received a new folder containing the InhecoMTEC library and some applications such as “HxMTecServer” and “TestApp.” I tried opening the former but the application won’t open at all.

I am not sure if I am missing something else, if the file is corrupted or I am doing it wrong. I already bought a usb cable to connect the MTC to the computer but to no luck with the integration. I would like to pinpoint the problem (so I at least know what I need) before I directly contact Hamilton, if needed.

Any help is appreciated as always,