Inheco ODTC Post-Temp question

We’re running a protocol on the ODTC as one of the last steps of our method in Venus, and we’re hoping to be able to leave the plate in the ODTC until a user clicks a prompt to take the plate out of the ODTC. So we’re trying to keep the mount temp at 4C indefinitely until this action. After ~3 hours of holding @ 4C, we get the following error:

27T07:26:27ZTemperature out of specificationUser should be informed that there is a temperature deviation between set temperature and real temperatureWarning2100xD2OBD_TEMP_REGULATION2Deviation betwen set temperature and measured mount temperature (Sensor 8 / low temperature area D2) is too large during the heating/ cooling ramps. Either the ramp speed was not programmed correctly or the initial configuration (filling level, selection 96 or 384 well version) might not fit to the processed plate.’

The ODTC protocol has already completed at this point, it’s just in the ‘post-temp’ stage. Any ideas?

Does it abort the current method? If not, just ignore it. If so, maybe wrap in a custom error handling step and ignore it?

Just a thought because I have never had this specific use case error.

Thanks for the comment. Yes, it does abort the current method. Will look into the custom error handling

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I’m interested if it works! Let me know :slight_smile: