Instrument Cover Monitoring

Hi all!

I’m currently struggling to find where to re-enable Instrument cover monitoring in the Service Software on the STAR platform. I have the ‘Automatic locking of front cover’ enabled in the Venus system configuration editor but I suspect it may still be disabled in the service software as I’m still running into issues with the cover actually locking even with the front cover lock command at the start of my method. If anybody would be able to guide me on how to launch the service software & where I might be able to find the configuration setting to double check that the cover monitoring is enabled, thank you!


What issue are you observing specifically? If cover monitoring was not enabled for your instrument in STAR service software, but automatic locking is enabled in system configuration editor, then you would receive the following error message as soon as you launch run control:


If this is the case, I would reach out to your local service support for assistance in getting this setting enabled. If you need any assistance in getting pointed in the right direction, then please DM me and I can get you in contact.

If this is not the case, then please let me know what you are observing so I can provide further help.



Technically, there is no issue. I’m not receiving any errors. But the cover is not locking during the run, it can physically be opened at any point (pin not ejecting to lock) & when the cover is opened, no error is received either. I assumed it would be because cover monitoring is disabled so there are no checks & it is free to be opened at any point, but I would like the cover to be locked & secure while the STAR is running.

I would expect an error to be generated though as Nick detailed. Likely best to coordinate with service support to see what might be going on.

Will do! Appreciate the input.