Introspect Software

It’s time for a thread on Tecan Introspect.

  1. Are you using it? (or do you want to use it?)
  2. How have you utilized it?
  3. How have you incorporated into your workflow (outside of the installation)?
  4. Any wishlist items?
  5. Any concerns?

I’ll share my experiences when others do as well.

Mainly used for Tecan connect app on phone to monitor robots, which only another team member and I used. now has a missioncontrol dashboard which hoping a wider base will use to monitor their runs. Not used the data side too much yet.

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Mildly fun fact but if you have a MacBook for your daily driver, you can download the app to your laptop and just have it on in the background of your desktop

@luisvillaautomata : I would be happy to recieve your experiences, wishlist items and concerns around introspect! Feel free to shoot them at

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