Issue "Error 1303 : Already defined"

Hi all,

I am working on Venus 5 with dynamic scheduler on a Vantage.
Since today, I have an error when I lauch my workflow : error 1303 identifier ‘StringTable’ has already been defined’ C:\Program Files (x86)\HAMILTON\HSLMECCLibEnu.hs_(79)
I didn’t make any modification on my methods, I only had a hard reboot of Venus
I tried restart everything.
I have never created any variable named StringTable

I CopyPast all lines of my Init method to new one, I don’t have this issue anymore but now I have it on my main method on my workflow.

Thank you for your help

It looks like you have had some extra copies of libraries brought in to your local install from previous pkg imports. Your error is being triggered because both copies of a particular library are being included by various dependent files of your workflow and methods, and during run analysis the compiler recognizes that and throws an error.

Fortunately the fix is simple. You have a copy of the following library file outside of of the default library folder.

In your case it appears that the extra copy is directly in the root of the Hamilton folder. Delete the copy and you should be set.



It works !
Thank you very much,

I didn’t installed any pkg recently, so I don’t know

Thank you Nick


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Can I hijack this thread and ask how you are liking the dynamic scheduler? I’m interested in your experience, how many methods are running simultaneously, and how many devices you are integrating.