Lab Automation Engineer @ EnginZyme - (Stockholm, Sweden)

EnginZyme is a Swedish venture-backed startup building a new, sustainable way to produce the building blocks of the world — the billion tonnes of plastics, nylons, rubbers, and all the other things that we touch on a day to day basis. With our recent €22M in Series B funding, now is the perfect time to join our team and be a part of something big.

I am hiring an engineer with experience in conducting high-throughput screening experiments and programming liquid handling robots. This role is ideal for scientists who have transitioned from a lab-based role into one with a greater emphasis on software development.

We have previously built a no-code web application to program Opentron robots, and now it’s time to take things to the next level by customizing and extending the default programming of our Hamilton robots.

Do you know anyone who may be a good fit? You can find more info in our job ad

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