Labeler: a2+ "Protocol error Font not found"

Does anyone know how to load fonts onto a A2+ cab printer? I am trying to print a basic label thru VWorks, but when I upload the label the printer itself throws this error.

I have a USB stick used for memory. Anyone have any old Agilent gang friends to link me up with. @Pete maybe?

No matter what font I change the label to via VWorks as well I get the same error.

These are not the droids you are looking for…I have never had to do that, i can ask someone

Resolved :white_check_mark:

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During a printer upgrade to CAB printer if the label formats and fonts are not loaded properly or they are somehow corrupted the following error occurs when uploading a label format or printing a test label in the Labeler diagnostics

CAB screen:
Protocol Error Font Not Found F 25; Droid <-?
Help screen: You sent a print job which contained commands the printer could not understand.
Please check your printer driver on your application. If you are using a serial port check the baud rate.

VWorks diagnostics error on PC:
An error occurred while test printing the label: either the printer command was malformed, or the barcode size settings are too large.

To resolve this issue you have to reload the label formats and fonts. Here is the procedure that describes how to load files to the printer via FTP.

1.0 Purpose
1.1 This procedure describes the process for loading files to the CAB printer via FTP.

2.0 Scope
2.1 This procedure is to be used to load fonts and label formats onto CAB printers if it was not already done by the Manufacturer. Typically the printers should arrive with the files already loaded.

3.0 Responsibility and Detailed Procedure
3.1 Load FTP program to computer if it is not already there
3.1.1 If Coffee cup FTP does not already exist on the PC, go to this website and download it. (Free FTP | CoffeeCup Software). If the program is already installed and set up, skip to step 7.2
3.1.2 Install the program to the PC
3.1.3 Open Coffee Cup Free FTP

3.1.4 From the menu, select ‘File->Manage Servers’ to see the My Servers window


3.1.5 Click the ‘+’ button to add a server and enter the information for the new server as shown below


3.1.6 Click the ‘More Options’ button
3.1.7 Save the folder “files to send to printer” folder on your desktop. In the ‘Local Folder:’ field enter “Desktop” and select the folder.

3.1.8 In the ‘Remote Folder:’ field enter “card”

3.1.9 Click ‘OK’ to close the window

3.2 Connect to printer and power on
3.2.1 Connect power cable from the wall directly to the back of the printer
3.2.2 Connect standard Ethernet cable from the PC or Ethernet switch directly to the Ethernet port on the back of the printer
3.2.3 Power on the printer with the switch on the back
3.3 Enable security on the printer
3.3.1 Use the keypad and screen on the front of the printer to navigate to the security setting (Menu->Setup->Security->Security off)
3.3.2 Press enter and change the setting so the security is on
3.3.3 Press enter again and the PIN will be shown. Set it to 0000
3.3.4 Press enter again to save the PIN
3.3.5 Leave the screen here for next steps
3.4 Load files to printer via FTP
3.4.1 Open Coffee Cup Free FTP if it is not already open
3.4.2 From the menu select ‘File->Quick Connect->CAB printer’. You should see the folders as shown in this screenshot

3.4.3 Drag the 14 files from the left box into the right box to copy those 14 files to the printer. Wait until all of the files have loaded

3.5 Disable security on the printer
3.5.1 Select ‘Security On’ from the menu on the front of the printer and press Enter
3.5.2 Turn the security to off and press Enter
3.5.3 Power cycle printer
3.6 Use browser to double-check fonts
3.6.1 Open a browser window (Internet Explorer or Firefox, etc.)
3.6.2 In the address bar enter and press enter
3.6.3 Click ‘OK’ on the warning the pops up


3.6.4 You should see the status window for the printer.


FONT Files Download Link

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