Labsmore VM1 Platform (sub-$5K)

Saw this jewel at a hackathon and thought it would be good to share,

VM1 Metallurgical Platform from Labsmore,

Experience unparalleled value with the VM1, our cutting-edge metallurgical imaging platform available at an unbelievable price of $4851.00 (+tax).

They even have an open source library (pyuscope) which bills itself as “Python microscope software for lab automation”.

And here’s a picture I took with an alternative angle.


Hi there! CTO of Labsmore here, always excited when our platform catches someone’s interest. We are also scaling up production of our VA1 general purpose microscope which is a great fit for PCB inspection and similar applications. Versus the VM1 it has a larger field of view (lower magnification) and uses ring illumination. Happy to answer questions and/or talk to anyone that wants more info.

Currently we are assuming that a minority of our users are interested in the Python plugin ability and/or direct API access (powered by the FOSS pyuscope project). We are also considering exposing APIs to our cloud analysis / hosting services. I’d love to hear more about what people are interested in and open to collaborations if you want to play around with one of our microscopes.


FYI a python scripting demo to image an array of parts:

The plugin in the video can be found here. Let us know if there are any capabilities you’d be interested in seeing!