Labware Barcode Mask


I want to delete the barcode mask under the labware properties. We have a different barcode daily and run numbers printed and put on our 96well tray. Currently, I believe the barcode mask is causing an error every time the tray barcode is read during the method because I think Venus is looking for the Barcode Mask. I might be going about this wrong, but I want to delete the barcode mask, but every time I delete it, click OK, and then open the Labware Properties, the barcode mask returns. Any suggestions, or does this need to be changed in the method or somewhere else?


@Ron - VENUS will not accept an empty barcode mask if a mask was assigned in the labware definition, but it will allow you to change the mask value of the rack.

Change the mask to % and all barcodes will be accepted. This is the same as if the labware had never been defined with a mask.

That labware definition contains a mask as it was tailored for a specific plate that is labelled with a barcode during manufacturing per the schema of that mask. If you are using a different plate (and not placing your own label on the plate that corresponds to that definition) you may want to consider using a different labware definition that can be modified to the dimensions of the particular plate being used.



@NickHealy_Hamilton Just the information I was looking for. I will test it out later today. Thanks!