Labware Definition Sharing?

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Does anyone by chance have a .ctr, .rck and maybe .tpl file for micronic tubes that are based on a product engineering diagram?


96-well rack tubes 1.4ml external thread

[Micronic 1.40ml Tubes External Thread - Micronic]

48- well rack tubes – 2.0 mL 2d data matrix screw cap external thread, w/ high cover

[2.00ml Tubes External Thread for High Volume Samples - Micronic]

96-well Micronics 750 uL v bottom, external thread

[0.75ml Tubes External Thread for High Volume - Micronic]

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Seems like they provide quite a lot of info on product specs - is this just to avoid “reinventing the wheel” for creating new labware?

I haven’t personally used these, but they do have a page about integrating with liquid handlers (including Hamilton) so they may have prebuilt definitions they could share. Might be worth a quick email.

I’ve uploaded the various Micronic labware definitions we have here. It does not look like we have the 48-well 2.0mL rack tubes though. Some of these definitions are old so I am not sure how accurate they are to the product engineering design, but hopefully, they can be a good starting point.

Let us know if Micronic happens to have VENUS labware definitions for their products. I can upload them as well if so!