Labware is too high error


I’m getting an error that I’m not sure what the meaning of is. Specifically I am moving the lid of one of the 96 well plates to another position (by means of iSWAP), which it does without a problem, but when I call for it to be brought back to the first position, it throws the following error:

2024-03-27 15:33:27.014 Microlab STARlet : Main - error; An error occurred while running Vector. The error description is: One or more arguments are invalid. (Not possible to transport the labware. Labware is too high.) (0x28 - 0x2 - 0x3)

Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks in advance!


Is this a standard labware you’re transporting or custom?

Could you share a photo of the virtual deck layout if possible and labware definition?

Hi it’s standardized, this is my layout

I’m trying to move the bottom most plate lid to the top most plate lid and then back again