Labware Suggestions for Monowell Reservoir for 96-channel stamps?

Anyone have favorites? Low dead volume preferably

I use this one: Thermo Scientific Nalgene Disposable Polypropylene Robotic Reservoirs Reservoir, | Fisher Scientific

What is low dead vol amount for you in this case?

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Under 10mL with water would be nice. What have you found the dead volume for the reservoirs you’ve linked to be? Does the convoluted one really help?

This is one of my favourites for sure

I mostly like the Nalgene ones because they are cheap. But the dead vol is 5-10ml depending on viscosity (I have not strictly measured it). Also the Nalgene are NOT rigid bottom so dead volume varies from trough to trough. I find that the convoluted bottom increases the dead vol because you have to make sure there is volume in each pyramid.

Yeah there’s a trade off: it increases the dead volume but ensures that you have volume in pyramid bottom troughs.

When you have lab floors or systems that are not 100% level, this at least gives you peace of mind that there will be volume in that well as you get near the final aspirations.

I am accustomed to using pyramid bottom troughs for 96 or 384. Minimizing chance of failure > extra reagent cost in our labs.

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We recently tested the Integra Viaflo automation friendly reservoirs. They have a special microfluidic structured bottom, and this has been working really well in terms of reducing dead volume. We had only around 1mL dead volume after removing liquid using a 384-well head…these are now our go to reservoirs for costly reagents.


These integra reservoirs look interesting! With the microfluidic bottom, does the low dead volume hold true if we perform a partial head transfer (e.g. using 48 channels of a 96-channel head)?

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