Labwerx Driver Error when sending LVL driver command (FluentControl)

I am encountering a “DEVICE: DecapLVL24 (command: CRUNE not accepted, returned: S???E)” error when my script tries to execute one of the following LVL24 driver commands: decap, cap, store, or cap. Has anyone encountered an error like this? I’m not sure if this is specific to the LVL24 driver or if this is a general error coming from Labwerx Driver Framework.

The only way I can get past this error is to continually select “Init&Retry” until the driver command goes through.

@luke: Is this still an issue? Do you need any further help here?

@Fire We were able to get this fixed with help from Tecan. The LVL decapper required a driver update to increase the delay time between a command that has completed and a new command that has to be executed. Thanks for following up!