Load and Match Hamilton Star

We are trying to set up a method to get the Hamilton star to recognize a barcode mismatch. We can’t seem to get the instrument to 1. Recognize that there is a barcode mismatch and alert us on the user interface. The second problem that we’re having is that we can’t locate the output file or any location within the software to denote where the output files end up.

Kind of a long answer to this one. do you have a .PKG file you can share? I am sure an apps knowlagable person could open it up and have a look.
It is very possible to flag missing/bad/duplicate barcodes.

The output file can be defined. There are a couple ways to do this depending on your method. If you dont have a .PKG of your method, I can screen shot some examples tomorrow and post them up.

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@kilkenny.shannon In the carrier properties (right click on the carrier, select Properties and then click on Edit Properties) check that the value of “MStarCarNoReadBarcode” is set to 0. If it is set to 1, it instructs the instrument to not read the barcodes. You can change it to 0 by selecting that property and then clicking on Modify.


Hi @kilkenny.shannon ,

I put together an example method that shows how you can load plates or tubes and retrieve them via sample tracking or from the step returns. It also includes an example of dynamically setting the barcode mask for tubes and plates. The benefit of doing this would throw an error at run time if the barcode scanned doesn’t match the mask that was set. The example can be downloaded from the link below:


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