Load and Match issue while trying to use a worklist

I am attempting to create a worklist driven method but have encountered an error early on with the load and match step. I’m not really sure what the issue is but I feel like it’s probably something simple that I’m (continuously) overlooking.

One thing that keeps drawing my attention is that there is only a portion of “sequences to load all potential samples” relative to all of the sequences available in the Load and Match dialog. I’m also not able to drag and drop any sequences “ctrl + left mouse” into the drop down menu. I’m not sure if this is the source of my problem or just coincidental.

I’ve uploaded an image of what my desktop looks like.

Can you please provide an example worklist and the method pkg so we can assist further?

In another thread, we posted an example method to demonstrate Load Smart vs. Single Steps, barcode comparison, etc. Generally speaking, I would avoid using the smart step Load and Match as it has some limited functionality compared to other programming approaches.

In the new VENUS, there will be a Load and Match Power Step which should hopefully address some of the shortcomings of the smart step while still offering a more intuitive wizard to walk through the process.

Definitely. You can find the worklist and method package I’m using here. . However while exporting the method it did have an error while generating the package.

In the meantime I’ll check out the example method you provided this weekend and maybe that will clarify things.

Unfortunately, I can’t import the pkg successfully. It appears there are some syntax errors in your method that directly pertain to this step, so I presume that is why you are having issues. Perhaps the installation needs to be repaired?

Sorry about the corrupted file. I’m not sure why it’s throwing an error when I try to package the method. I tried to mulling over the HSL file where those syntax errors occur but wasn’t able to deduce where the issue was.

If the Load and Match step is problematic I can just avoid using it altogether. Thanks for sharing the barcode comparison method. I will probably just try to go that route. We will likely be getting a new Hamilton instrument in our lab in a few months. I’m looking forward to using the new version of Venus.

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Hi @tbever,

Based on the error, I would echo Eric’s suggestion that one of your libraries appears to be corrupt or incorrect for the version of VENUS you are running. PTL::Load2 and PTL::IDS as well as MatchWorklist::MatchJobData come from the HSLPTLLib.hsl library. In your error, it appears that either the library got corrupted or someone imported (or otherwise copied and overwrote) a version of the library from a different installation (different version) of VENUS and overwrote your copy, resulting in missing or broken functions. Different versions of VENUS have different features (generally additions or improvements) in the HSLLPTLib.hsl library, so they are not backwards compatible with different/older installs of VENUS. It is critical that the HSLLPTLib.hsl library has not been overwritten and that you only have one copy of the file on your PC. I would check the Methods folder and subdirectories, as well as subdirectories in the Library folder, to make sure there are no replicate copies of this library as well.

A repair or reinstall of your software may be warranted to correct the library issue.