London Roundtable Discussion!

Next Thursday, July 27th from 6-8:30pm

Bits n Bio & Automata will be hosting a small round table discussion meetup at The Standard Hotel Library Lounge!

What is this?

It’s a small gathering to discuss a divisive/hot topic within the lab.

This weeks discussion topic: Every lab must know how to code to survive.

Agree? Disagree? Come share your opinion!

Drinks are on us :wink:

Register here:


Please note***

There is a tube strike planned for next Thursday so plan accordingly!

Dam it, I always manage to miss these events. I will be in Boston next week maybe next time.

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Has this been arranged for a while? If I had known earlier I might have been able to go to it…

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Our plan is to have a monthly get together, admittedly we were a little late on pushing this one out but keep an eye out for next months!

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Bummer, next time for sure!

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Sounds good. Thanks.