Looking for the software for Scinomix VX2 (automated tube labeller)

Hey guys,

I am looking for a copy of the software to control the Scinomix VX2. Is there anyone who could help me with this?


Have you reached out to the vendors? We’ve had success in the past reaching out to them.

Are the Scinomix labellers and decappers reliable and robust?

I like the Scinomix labelers. I think the mechanics are pretty solid, though I dislike the software used to run the Scinomix labelers. I prefer the Biomicrolab labeler software, and semi dislike their hardware.


I concur with Luis, reach out to their rep. They will get you sorted out.

Nigel is their CEO and is extremely responsive with customers. He can point you to the right person. nigel.malterer@scinomix.com

I like Biomicrolabs… kind of clunky but they make the best noises.

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I highly recommend Scinomix tube labelers for their efficiency and effectiveness. Although some time may be spent testing different roller sizes to find the best fit for the specific tube you are working with, the time saved in the long run makes it well worth the effort.

Hey guys,

Thank you for your replies.

I reached out to the vendor but they couldn’t help me. They said don’t have the software for this unit any longer. Hence me reaching out here.


I’m sorry to hear that. Are they saying they’re not supporting your unit anymore because its incompatible with their newest version of software? or they’re unwilling to supply you with a previous compatible version?

They just said that they couldn’t provide me with the software anymore as it is a 15 years old unit :person_tipping_hand: