Low-cost Tissue Culture Microscopy (Confluency and Cell Density)

Hi all,

Does anyone here have much experience engineering microscopy for automated tissue culture platforms? There seems to be a huge price range but not sure what the functional differences are between devices.

I’ve seen cases where people engineered motorized stages and incubators for otherwise manually-operated microscopes. This can save tens of thousands of dollars, but seems risky from an operations perspective.

The last one is actually a modified 3D printer! Turns out they have many similar operating principles. Sounds familiar right?

DIY Setups:

Openstage: A Low-Cost Motorized Microscope Stage with Sub-Micron Positioning Accuracy

Motorized Microscope Stage for Olympus IX50

Saving 99.5%: automating a manual microscope with a 3D printed adapter | Theo Sanderson

MicroHikari3D: an automated DIY digital microscopy platform with deep learning capabilities

Hi Stefan,

Do you need all your samples to be backlit?

We have an upcoming VA1 general purpose inspection microscope thats been useful for some bio applications which did not require backlighting.

The upcoming inspection scope shares a lot of similarities with our current metallurgical model Labsmore LLC - VM1 Metallurgical Platform in case you are interested.


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