LVK Plate Adapter & Set up question

While the LVK comes with a microplate adapter, it’s not listed as a selectable ‘Vial’ when using the LVK method, and I couldn’t find anything related to it in the HSLLVKService library. It’s only mentioned in the User’s Manual (Rev A) once as a provided adapter. Is there a more recent LVK method/library that enables the use of the microplate adapter?

Another question, you’re supposed to let the scale acclimate to the environment for 60 mins after it’s powered on before use without anything placed on the load cell, but we’ve noticed that we have to wait an additional 30-60 mins for the scale to stabilize after any labware/pedestal/adapter is moved to/from the load cell. We previously had a scale that would take even longer, and had it replaced by service. Even the new one takes this long. Any suggestions to save us a little time so it doesn’t take over 2 hours to even start using the LVK?

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Hi @acrith!

I would check out the Post that I made last year when I also had problems with this.

Invest in an anti-static gun or fan. Using that has helped us tremendously in allowing the scale to stabilize faster. Waiting a period of time is still helpful so that it can acclimate to temperature and humidity, but if you still see fluctuations after the initial acclimation period, then hit the balance adapter/labware with the anti-static device.

It would be worth checking into the humidity of your lab as well with a monitor. We have a harder time in one of our labs because it gets pretty dry during the winter months.


Thanks @UCantBcereus for pointing me to your post. This is going to be a life saver! Mind providing the model(s) of the antistatic devices you used?

Hi @acrith ,

We use this Milty one. Good luck!

Hi @acrith,

Apologies for the delayed response. The plate adapter is used by default when the MPH96 is selected as the pipetting device, so it doesn’t show in the drop-down as the selection gets ignored. When starting a run with MPH96 selected, the load dialog should present with the plate adapter/plate combination on the balance:

That said, the current version of the LVK is v3.1.0.0 Rev B. Let me know if you are not on this version.

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Hey Dan,

Thanks for the response. This makes sense. I think we’re still on v2.1