Manual sequence for tips

Hi all,
Is there a way to guide Hamilton 1000uL to a specific box of tips / specific column of tips in a box? I’d imagine this could be achieved via manually defined seqeunced, but whenever I add a box of tips to the deck they are automatically assigned as “system managed sequences” and I can’t find how to override this?

I’m trying to designate some tips as reusable , while keeping others as disposable (the easiest would be per box/rack designation).

Hi @Nikolay ,

See this post which goes over the system managed tip sequence more.

In general, creating a sequence for tips on the deck layout will automatically remove those positions from the system managed tip sequence. This will allow you to have multiple sequences for tips and be able to use the system managed tip sequence for the tips you don’t plan on re-using.


Thank you @BrandonBare_Hamilton !