Mapping files: is it possible to display a volume pipetted rather than the total volume in a target?

Let’s say I dispense into a target plate from a source reservoir and generate a mapping file. It can show the source name, target name, and the volume now in the target. If I dispense again from a different source into the same target and generate another mapping file, the volume displayed is the total volume of the two dispenses.

I would instead like to see the volume dispensed in that second step rather than the total volume in the target from this pipetting step and any previous ones.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

There isn’t an option to adjust the behavior of the default mapping files to only track a specific volume dispensed (just the total volume in the well as you’ve noted). One workaround that I have implemented was to use the Remove Labware function found in the Data Handling Steps followed by a Set Laware Barcode just prior to the transfer of interest. That would essentially delete the data from the sample tracking database and then add the labware back in. It would then only record the next transfer. A bit clunky and could add more complexity to the method depending on your setup, but like I said, it has worked for me in the past!

The other options would be to modify the file after it has been generated or use your own custom file handling to create a report.



This worked; thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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