Microcentrifuge Tube Adapter for Hamilton 24 Tube Carrier

Hi y’all!

Inspired by @StephanLane’s post about his Tecan Fluent nest design, I’m sharing my design for a microcentrifuge tube adapter for a Hamilton 24 Tube Carrier (SMP_CAR_24_A00). I am aware of a similar adapter that Hamilton sells that works for the 32-position carriers, so I based the design heavily on that. I printed several of these out of PLA on my lab’s Ultimaker 2+, and they work great! More details can be found on the Thingiverse post.

I hope we can assemble a sort of open source repository for 3D print files for use in lab automation. Does anyone know if something like this already exists?


The NIH maintains NIH 3D. It’s not exactly lab automation focused, but it is more laboratory centric than Thigiverse.


Very cool! I wonder if they would consider assembling a collection specific to lab automation. Thank you for sharing!

I think Thingiverse is sufficient for hosting the files. What is missing is more of a cataloguing of resources. There are so many that are already out there (especially in the supplemental figures of papers) but nothing close to an organized database that allows for searching and scrolling.

I could find all the parts that have already been posted here and make a Github page that catalogues them.


I think a Github repo would be a great resource! Is this something you’re still interested in setting up?

In my opinion, Thingiverse is great for publishing models, but as you alluded to, its search and tagging system is severely lacking. Overall I think it’s a bit too disorganized of a resource to be useful on its own. Maybe the repo can link to it though.

I also think this discussion warrants its own topic in the 3D Printing category. I’m curious what you know about files hidden in supplemental figures. :eyes:

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