Microlab Prep

Anyone with experience using the Microlab Prep? How was programming it? Am I locked into the software they provide?

Any tips would also be appreciated!


Hello @luisvillaautomata,

You are locked into the software provided for the ML PREP. The local PC attached to the PREP is locked to prevent any access to the OS components on boot-up and the device itself is only programmed/operated using the ML PREP UI. If you reach out to the ML PREP Sales team they should be able to give you a virtual or in-person demo of the UI. Please let me know if you need their contact information.


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I’ve never played with one but Hamilton is actually a sponsor and exhibitor at my next event and will have an ML Prep to play with and make plate designs with.

Not sure that’s an answer but just a shameless plug, but also I dunno… if anyone here would like to play with one definitely come on by Oct 5th.

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Hey Luis,
Like Will said, the software for the PREP is locked down/locked in. It’s not a full overview, but this video shows how to use/program a serial dilution on the PREP. Michael Vuke on LinkedIn: #biotech #lifesciences #automation (not sure why it displays the link like that vs. an actual url, but it is a link to the video)
Hopefully that gives a taste for it. Hopefully an actual end user can chime in and share their experience in the field vs. just hearing from Hamilton people like myself, but figured it’d be worth sharing the resource.

I think the main Hamilton Robotics page on LinkedIn had a webinar recently on programming the PREP? Might be worth checking out.


Thank you Michael and @WilliamCham_Hamilton

I’ll look at the video and reach out to Hamilton.


For anyone looking at this, I was given this link by a Hamilton trainer:

And it seems to contain much of what is needed.


Also, I talked to Stefan, and we now have a dedicated category for the PREP, since it doesn’t use VENUS/is different enough from the NIMBUS/STAR/VANTAGE lines :slight_smile:

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