MinZError fix

Hi all,

I’m trying to specify a dispense height such that only ~2mm of the 8 channel tips enter the septum of some 50mL tube caps I’m testing. When I try to change the ‘fix height from bottom,’ I get a minZerror message. Is there a way to bypass this, or a better recommendation to accomplish this dispense?

@max_gildemeister - Can you post a screenshot of your dispense settings? Depending on the tip type you are using (lower than 1mL tips), it would be expected that you would have minimum Z access issues if you were dispensing from a fixed height of 2mm relative to the bottom of a 50mL tube, but not relative to the top.


Here are the settings, @NickHealy_Hamilton. int_MixCycleCount = 0. Also I was wrong, it was minZPosition not minZerror.

Screenshot 2023-04-03 113142
Screenshot 2023-04-03 113325
Screenshot 2023-04-03 113739

@max_gildemeister - Your dispense height is higher than the pipettor traverse height, and almost certainly higher than the channel can reach with a tip loaded (not to mention likely higher than the height of the container from the labware definition).


50mL conical tubes should be much shorter than this, unless you are using some highly custom labware. I recommend breaking out a pair of calipers and double checking.


Thanks Nick! Yeah that value was from the position I got from training the 1000uL channel, guess it was too high. I lowered it and everything’s working.

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