Multi-Hamilton setup

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I’m doing a bit of exploring Venus’ capability and was wondering if anyone has been using Venus for controlling multiple Hamiltons?
If so how was this setup? is there an additional installation required for a single venus installation. Or done by VM’s per instrument?

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By multiple Hamiltons you mean multiple liquid handlers?

AFAIK venus only controls one physical liquid handler. You’re probably best looking at schedulers/orchestrators.

Yep, so 1 computer with multiple attached Hamiltons is not possible to manage through Venus?

To my knowledge, this is not possible with VENUS (though someone might have a Hamilton library somewhere?).

If you are okay with learning some Python programming, controlling multiple Hamilton liquid handlers attached to one machine is possible with PyLabRobot.

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No, I don’t think so.
An orchestrator is the way to go I think, even if you were to use pyHamilton to actually run the method itself.

I saw a document about controlling multiple STAR with Venus software many years ago, I forgot the exact steps, but I think it is possible.
to do that, you have to

  • change the setting of STAR through service software
  • create a new .config File based on ML_STAR.config
  • create a new Instrument in registry